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Freehold High School, c. 1925

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History is Ours

Monmouth County, New Jersey is home to some of the most revolutionary history in the story of America. Originally settled in 1675 as part of what was known as the province of East Jersey and officially established in 1683, the county was divided into the three towns of Freehold, Middletown and Shrewsbury. It was from Freehold that Washington strengthened our resolve  at the Battle of Monmouth, young William Burroughs Ross went off to fight for the Union, and a tenacious, spirited Lillie Hamm walked into Freehold High School, ready to change the world.  

Explore the Stories in the MCHA Museum and Archives and Beyond...

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Established in 1898, MCHA is home to one of the finest and most extensive regional collections in the country. Our museum collection contains over 35,000 objects, and our archives house over 1,000 manuscript collections. In partnership with local history organizations, this digital resource has been curated to support the NJ Social Studies Curriculum for high school students. We are pleased to offer a variety of local and national primary source examples and other fascinating material to help engage students in the classroom, and will continue to build and refresh the resource with new discoveries. 

Colonial Era thru Revolution 
1600s - 1783

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Slavery Era, 16oos-1865


Civil War Era, 1861-1865

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Early Local 
Industry 1800s to mid-1900s

The Gilded Age thru
the New Deal


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in the 20th Century

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Peter Luyster
c. 1760
by Daniel Hendrickson
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No, we don't know either. But good luck sleeping tonight.

Now and Then...
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Small Town            

Diverse Monmouth

Monmouth County has a rich history of diversity, though minority populations have not always been documented as thoroughly. Through oral histories, video presentations and photographs, learn about the achievements of individuals with physical challenges, the fight for women's equality, the fascinating history of Asbury Park's Segregated Seashore, and the struggles and triumphs of our African American and LGBTQ communities. 

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Inspiring Civil Rights Quotes from MC Residents

We must discredit the notion that economic status defines an individual’s morality.


- Reverend William H. Dickerson

Social Justice