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Thursday, June 16th


Dr. Linda Epps presents

Memorializing African American History:

Cemeteries, Monuments, and Markers 

We are in a time like no other when it comes to changing the public narrative of the United States and the recognition of non Anglo cultures that helped define what we know as the US of America. Does history impact the way we see and think of ourselves and others? We owe our frames of reference, our identities, and our hopes to our  history. How do our public markers influence our interpretation of our culture?  

Wednesday, July 20th

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John Barrows presents

Love, Death and Betrayal:

The Story of Anna and Vito Genovese

They were both married with children when they fell in love, but they had to be together, no matter what. She was the ultimate mafia wife, but in other ways was so very different from women of her time. He was the most feared gangster in America, but she was not afraid, and when she was a woman scorned, she proved her courage and faced the mafia’s ultimate penalty for violating the southern Italian code of silence. They lived in Monmouth County twice, which he loved, and she loathed. You don’t have to wait for HBO’s new mini-series to learn about Monmouth County’s most fascinating mob queen!  John Barrows, editor of, has been researching this for the past two years and will present the local perspective on Anna & Vito that you won’t get from HBO.

Thursday, September 15th


Dr. Stanley Blair presents

Hello from Bushy Hollow:

Henry Morford's New Monmouth, Middletown NJ, c. 1838

Most of us have heard of the fictional places of Narnia, Lilliput, The Shire, Bushy Hollow…oh, you haven’t heard of Bushy Hollow? Let us introduce you to this fictional town based on New Monmouth, Middletown in the 19th century. In 1863, Middletown resident Henry Morford (1840-18xx) published his popular compilation of humorous stories, Sprees and Splashes: or Droll Recollections of Town and Country, which he maintained were true accounts of events that either happened to him or someone he knew. The book describes Middletown life and locations, providing a fun and intimate time portal to the past. Don’t miss this chance to learn about Middletown life, 19th-century style!

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