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MCHA Presents

A Virtual Lecture Series

- Co-Sponsored by the Monmouth County Library -

Register below today for FREE Zoom lectures given by Monmouth County's most interesting and well-respected historians! You'll even have the chance to engage in a Q&A at the end! 

Browse our upcoming line-up to join us on the specified date at 7 PM:

March 21st

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Bernadette Rogoff presents

"A Woman of Unblemished Reputation":

Elizabeth Covenhoven and the Battle of Monmouth

Join us as we take an intimate look at Freehold's 74-year old Elizabeth Covenhoven and her family during the American Revolution, particularly on the day of the Battle of Monmouth. Mrs. Covenhoven showed incredible fortitude by choosing not to abandon her home; the dramatic moments she endured at the hands of the British army were documented by witnesses and in her deposition to the state. Rogoff investigates the options that were available to the various household and family members, such as Elizabeth's daughter, Hendricka, her enslaved persons Yana and Cyro, and her grandson, Will. This presentation is a sneak peek into the upcoming MCHA exhibit Choices, which highlights the choices that our colonial forefathers were faced with. 

May 16th

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Rick Geffken presents

The Mysteries of the 1777 Battle of Navesink

Accounts of the history of the Revolutionary War often overlook the Battle of Navesink. The war was less than a year old when the First Regiment of the Monmouth Militia occupied a hillside lookout station in February 1777. Surprised by British regulars during a cold winter's night, 25 militiamen were killed, while 72 were captured and sent to the notorious Sugar House Prison where many perished. Although 40 men escaped, some of these died during their flight. It was a disaster for the Monmouth Militia. This talk reveals the actual battle site, then and now; the combatants who took part, and the impact on both sides due to this crucial early engagement.

July 17th

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Sue Kozel presents

Wench Betty:

The Murder of a New Jersey Slave in 1784

Discover the gripping story of Wench Betty, an enslaved woman in Western Monmouth County, murdered in 1784 for defying her owner's commands. The subsequent court proceedings for her murderer were also held that year. Using court documents, coroner’s reports, and slaveowners’ records, our presenter, Sue Kozel will take us along on her investigation. This presentation will look at the workings of race, gender, and power during and after the Revolutionary War - a time when powerful New Jerseyans were pulled between Revolutionary ideas of freedom and liberty, and the cruel realities of its legalized system of slavery. Designated as a Public Scholar by the New Jersey Council for the Humanities, she has co-edited a book on Quakers and abolition, and published numerous works on Black freedom, abolitionism, and American and New Jersey History.

Viewer discretion advised: disturbing themes of enslavement and violence. 

September 17th

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Dominic Etzold presents

Reaping the Whirlwind:

The U-Boat War off North America During WWI

Acclaimed author Dominic Etzold will be presenting the fascinating and little-known story of the U-Boat activity off the New Jersey coastline in the summer of 1918. He will debunk myths and explore local history the German and American archival evidence, survivor testimony, and period logs. Mr. Etzold's book "Reaping the Whirlwind: The U-boat War off North America during World War I" made it to BookAuthority's “Best New World War I Books” and “Best World War I Books of All Time” rankings. For more on this book, please visit the Monmouth Timeline!

November 21st


Joel Farkas presents

The Pilgrims and the Mayflower

We celebrate Thanksgiving every November, but do you really know why? In The Pilgrims and the Mayflower, Joel Farkas will answer all of your Thanksgiving questions, including: Who really were the pilgrims? Why did they sail on the Mayflower? What’s the real story about the origins of Thanksgiving? What does Henry VIII ( yes, the one with all the wives) have to do with any of this? And …WHAT’S WITH THE TURKEY? Don't miss the ship! Register today!

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Register with the last name of each lecturer you would like to attend, or just type "All" if you would like to be automatically registered for all future lectures. There is no need to register again if you have selected "all" at any point. You will receive a reminder email a few days before the lecture date, and the link will be emailed a couple of hours prior to start time. 

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