The generosity and efforts of our valued volunteers are integral to the ongoing operation of Monmouth County Historical Association and its many programs. 


Volunteers fill a wide variety of roles and opportunities are available to suit multiple interests, time and skill levels. MCHA continuously recruits new volunteers throughout the year.


To volunteer, click "Apply Here" on this page to complete the Volunteer Application online

or send email to volunteer@monmouthhistory.org.


Additional Educational Volunteer Opportunities

Orientation and ongoing training are provided to our Educational Volunteers.

Historic House Docent (To Be Announced)
Educational programs are offered at each Historic House Museum, which include guided tours by docents. During a number of presentations, the docents wear period costumes to enhance the experience for the students. In addition, volunteers are needed to staff each of the five Historic House Museums during the summer season, from the beginning of May to the end of September on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 1-4pm. Extensive training and support are provided for these positions.

Museum Docent (To Be Announced)
Docents staff the Museum Shop in Freehold, greeting visitors and processing admissions. Volunteers work in 3-hour shifts: 11:00 am to 2:00 pm, 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm, or 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm, Wednesday-Sunday. Orientation and instruction for gallery exhibition tours is provided.

Volunteer Educator (To Be Announced)
Volunteers present educational “trunk programs” at schools and community organizations, as well as at the Museum and Historic House Museums. Period costumes may be required. Thorough training is provided. Those with strong knowledge of New Jersey history, public speaking and/or classroom experience are encouraged to apply.

Bilingual Volunteers
MCHA serves a diverse population and has a special need for volunteers who can deliver programs for non-English speaking for visitors. Currently there is a need for volunteers fluent in Spanish.

Property and Program Event Volunteers

Program Event Volunteers
Ideal for volunteers with more limited availability these positions include assisting with events such as Wool Days, Weekend in Old Monmouth, King George’s Birthday, Open Hearth-Open House events and Lantern Tours. Relevant training is provided and roles incorporating period clothing are available.


Eagle Scouts
MCHA is always honored to collaborate with Eagle Scout candidates in reaching their goal. The Association staff can consult with Scouts to identify appropriate and interesting potential projects at one of the five historic properties around the county and help to facilitate successful results.

Historic House Gardens and Greenhouse
Each historic house is enhanced with a garden and the Association welcomes local community garden clubs as well as individuals interested in showcasing their talents while heightening the beauty of these historic treasures. The Taylor-Butler house has a recently renovated greenhouse which is also ideal for gardening projects.

Corporate Volunteers
MCHA is always excited to collaborate with corporate groups who are interested in volunteering their time. The Association staff can consult with company representatives to identify appropriate and interesting potential projects at one of the five historic properties around the county and help to facilitate successful results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a specific time commitment required to volunteer?
Volunteer hours are at your discretion and contingent on the projects that interest you, ranging from once or twice a year to every week. The Association staff is flexible and willing to work with your schedule to find the ideal situation for each volunteer.

What if I have limited knowledge of history? Can I still volunteer?
Yes! There is always a need for individuals with a variety of skills. A warm, friendly demeanor and keen interest are often the most crucial skills required to volunteer. Training is provided for all programs, exhibits, and positions before and during your volunteer time with MCHA. The staff will also work with you to match your skills with an appropriate position.

What are the benefits of volunteering with MCHA?
By volunteering, you are giving a gift of your time, your effort, and your commitment to the Monmouth County Historical Association. As part of MCHA’s volunteer staff, you will have the opportunity to present and educate visitors on the history of our area. In turn, with ongoing training and support, you will learn about a diverse number of subjects. In addition, volunteering offers you the opportunity to meet interesting people from all parts of the county who share your volunteer passion and interest as well as the nation and even the world through the visitors you will serve. MCHA honors its volunteers each year with an appreciation event and gifts. Students can also gain valuable experience and service hours through volunteer assignments.

Why do you need my help?
MCHA operates with a very small staff and a limited budget. Without our volunteers, much of what we do would be impossible to achieve. Your gift of time and effort to us allows the organization to grow and expand our mission into the community.

How can I get more information?
Send e-mail volunteer@monmouthhistory.org with the subject line "Volunteer Opportunity"