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Taylor Butler House

Interactive Experience

Take the full audio tour, or focus on your areas of interest! Explore our digital gallery for more insight into what life was like at Taylor Butler House.

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Station One

Mary's New Home


Station Two

History of the Structure

Photo Feb 16, 2 28 06 AM.jpg

Station Three

Lives of the Enslaved


Station Four

The Last Descendant

Saves Marlpit

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Digital Gallery

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Continue your tour with nearby historic sites 

Marlpit Hall as tenant farmhouse 1887 taken by Edward Taylor.jpg
Marlpit Hall

This house was filled with many generations of Taylors descended from Edward Taylor the 1st. His grandson, also Edward, was a loyalist during the American Revolution. Both the structure and the site are rich in historical significance. It is one of the oldest surviving structures in New Jersey. 

Old First Church 

The congregation began in 1688 as the Middletown Baptist Church. This structure was built in 1832, and is on the National Register of Historic Places. 

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