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These pieces from our collection will give you a more in-depth sense of the time in which the inhabitants of Marlpit Hall lived. Click the images to be directed to our world-class eMuseum, where you can read the curatorial remarks about each object.

Grisaille Painted Kast, ca. 1720
MP hanging cupboard.jpeg
Hanging Cupboard, 1722
MPdressing table.jpeg
Dressing Table, ca. 1730 - 1760
MP alderman's short staff.jpeg
Alderman's Staff, ca. 1834
MP elias sayre tall case clock.jpeg
Tall Case Clock, ca. 1802 - 1810
MP Marlpit Hall - Taylor Homestead.jpeg
Marlpit Hall - Taylor Homestead Henry Thomas Gulick, 1952
MP Hannah Dorset Taylor.jpeg
Hannah Dorset Taylor, 1811
MP portrait of edward taylor.jpeg
Edward Taylor, ca. 1830

Photos from the Archives

Mary Holmes Taylor III, c. 1865
Last direct descendant of Edward Taylor at Marlpit Hall
MP group.jpg

Marlpit Hall, c. 1900

Photo Feb 16, 2 28 06 AM.jpg
Former quarters of the enslaved at Marlpit Hall, 2020
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