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150 W Main St., Freehold

- Interactive Experience -

Take the full audio tour, or focus on your areas of interest! Explore our digital gallery for more insight into the world of the Covenhovens. Please be respectful of the historic structure and refrain from touching the building. Enjoy your visit!




Station One

The Property & Family


Station Two

Architectural Details


Station Three

Lives of the Enslaved


Station Four

General Clinton's Arrival


Digital Gallery

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The park preserves a splendid rural 18th-century landscape of hilly farmland and hedgerows that encompasses miles of hiking and horseback riding trails, picnic areas, a restored Revolutionary War farmhouse and a visitors center.

The Covenhovens were parishioners of this very church, still standing today. Travel there to follow in their footsteps! The church has a fascinating history not only in Old Freehold (now Manalapan) but has historic ties to Scotland as well. 

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