This material from our collections will help give you a more in-depth sense of the time in which the Covenhovens lived. Museum pieces will direct you to our world-class eMuseum, where you can read the curatorial remarks about each object.

Maude's CoHo painting.jpeg
General Clinton's Headquarters
1751 Deed to Covenhoven House
Carrie Bowne Courthouse.jpeg
Monmouth Courthouse
Carrie Bowne clamshell.jpeg
Old Tennent Presbyterian Church 
Old Tennent Interior Diagram
Currier parsonage.jpeg
Old Tennent Parsonage
Old Tennent Pew Diagram, Covenhovens #60
1738/1747 baptismal records for Yana, Mack, Cyro and Nancy
Enslaved servants of the Covenhovens 
Washington Rallying the Troops at Monmouth
The Heroine of Monmouth
General La Fayette
Monmouth FLag.jpeg
Monmouth Flag
Monckton's Sword
Mrs. Covenhoven's key
John Graves Simcoe Map
Sir Henry Clinton
Inventory of losses (1).jpg
1778 Estimate of British Losses at the
Battle of Monmouth