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MCHA's Oral Histories

Joe Reilly and Bill Starsinic 

Bruce Springsteen's teachers give a glimpse into a young Bruce in high school

John Duncan

Reminisces about the Freehold Military Academy 

Michael and Patsy Federici

Two generations of Federici's restaurant discuss life and business in Freehold

The Hyman Brothers

A trio of brothers reminisce about Court Street School and growing up in Freehold

Click here to see video interview

PXL_20210821_181911617 (1)_edited.jpg
The Gibsons of Freehold

Hear memories of Freehold from the Gibsons, a family with deep roots

Ed King imgae.jpg
Edward N. King

Mr. King reminisces about growing up in Freehold in the 1940s and 50s, as well as the political and racial tumult of the 1960s.

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