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Make History

Youth Leadership Award

Qualities to Encourage and Celebrate

History is not just something we look back on; it is in the making every day by those all around us. The archives of the Monmouth County Historical Association hold the stories not only of those whose names we all recognize - George Washington, Abigail Adams, Bruce Springsteen, Booker T. Washington, and many more - but of countless everyday people who made history locally and beyond. Most had no idea that they would be remembered over centuries for the same qualities we admire today - honesty, good judgment, leadership in the face of adversity or challenges, inclusivity, forward-thinking vision, problem-solving, and the ability to rise to the top through personal achievement and hard work. These are the qualities MCHA is looking to reward in our Monmouth County K-12 students with the Meg Sharp Walton Make History Now award. $100 and a certificate of recognition, to be recorded in the MCHA archives, will be awarded annually to a Monmouth County student who demonstrates one or more of the qualities aforementioned in a way that made a positive impact on our community or even just a single person. Whether it is standing up for what is right, making a positive change, or taking on a challenge or cause you believe in, there are countless ways to make history. Please check out website for our nomination form. Our honoree will be selected each August. Keep your eyes out for our future leaders and outstanding citizens - MCHA wants to know about them! 

MSW Make History Now Nomination Form

In 500 words or less for each question, answer the following in a separate MS Word or Google document and upload the document through the form. Please do not forget to fill out the form fields before submitting. If you have any difficulty, please email us. We will be taking submissions through April 1st of 2025, with the announcement of the winner in May. You will be contacted if your nominee is selected!

1. How has this student demonstrated one or a combination of the following qualities:

    a. Honesty

    b. Good judgment

    c. Leadership in the face of adversity or challenges

    d. Inclusivity

    e. Forward-thinking vision

    f. Problem-solving

    g. Ability to rise to the top through personal achievement and hard work


2. What was the impact of these qualities on the community, or the person/persons affected?   

Upload File

Thanks for submitting!

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Click HERE and check the box that says "I would like to dedicate this donation." Check "In honor of" and place "MSW Award" in the notes field. Thank you for your generosity and support!

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Meg Sharp Walton is the Executive Director of the Monmouth County Historical Commission, and a museum professional for over 20 years. The qualities that Meg has demonstrated to the history community and those who have worked with her have inspired this award!

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