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MCHA's Digital Diversity Project

African American / Black History
walter crop 2.jpg
Dr. Walter Greason

"My mother said, "I have my master's, now you'll need to do better than me."

Torna Bell.jpg
Torna Brown Bell

"There are so many ways to make a difference."

Gilda Rogers

"Agree to disagree, but not hate."

Madonna Carter Jackson

"Once you break the ice...people start working and talking together." 

Adanech Asghedom

"If you have a dream, you can catch that dream in America."

Norma Lewis Randolph

"There is so much to being black in Freehold Boro," 

IMG_1325 (1)_edited.jpg
Minister Douglas Brown

"You have to stay in the positive. Don't dwell in the negative." 

Kay harris.jpeg
Kay Harris

"Nothing should hold you back." 

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