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 Program Training 

Battle of Monmouth

One of the education programs that is offered to students and other groups is about the Battle of Monmouth. It's a very interactive program that discusses what led up to the Revolutionary War, what happened to cause the Battle of Monmouth, what a soldier wore and carried with them, and what happened after the battle - the consequences of the battle. We also bring artifacts that are passed around the audience and have the students portray soldiers during the drilling portion and they get to act out the battle itself.


With the adult/seniors program, we go into a little more depth about the players in the battle and also discuss how each of our historic houses had a part in the Revolutionary War.

Lenape Life

Newly updated for this year is our "Lenape Life" program! In this program, we discuss how the Lenape lived in this area before the European settlers came over. This is a good program to offer in the fall to balance the number of Battle of Monmouth programs that we do during the spring.

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