The Summer Springsteen's Songs Saved Me

Coming home to catch her husband with his face between the long, silky legs of another woman is the last thing Sofia expects - and on today of all days. So, after scratching an expletive into his Porsche and setting cheating bastard's clothes on fire, she cranks up her beloved Bruce and flees, vowing never to look back. 


Seeking solace in the peaceful beachside town of Bradley Beach, NJ, Sof is determined to start over. And, with the help of best friends, new acquaintances, a sexy neighbor, and the powerful music of Springsteen, this may be the place where her wounds can heal. But, as if she hasn't faced her share of life's challenges, a final flurry of obstacles awaits.


In order to head couragously toward the future, Sofia must first let go of her past, find freedom, and mend her broken soul.

The Summer Springsteen's Songs Saved Me

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  • - Author / Barbara Quinn

    - 273 Pages / 43 Chapters