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Kids Respond to COVID-19

We’ve all heard that kids say the darndest things. And they do - they are so funny sometimes! But they are also incredibly insightful, empathetic, and creative. Here are some of the responses, original artwork, and videos we have received from our Monmouth County kids for the Remembering COVID-19 project.

Austin, elementary school student

How do you feel about school being closed?

I honestly don't know how I feel about school being closed. Doing homework from home is nice, because it is not at all stressful and you get the opportunity to make your own schedule which is fun. However, I am quarantined. Being quarantined in my house is not as bad as you would think because I have a nice backyard where I can go outside to get some fresh air, I have a deck so I can sit outside when it is nice and read a book or eat lunch. But, I think of all the people who live in small apartments with their whole family. Or people all the way across the world who live in poverty and are told they can't leave their houses for 21 days, when in reality they live in a shack with their kids, siblings, parents, grandparents, etc. It is easy for me to say that being home from school is a fun and relaxing experience because I have everything that I need. If I want to watch TV, I sit on the couch and turn on Netflix. If we run out of food, we simply Amazon Prime groceries to our front door. But not everyone has it that easy. And watching the news every day for hours at a time has helped me realize that I'm not the one suffering in this situation. Yes, I would love to be at school with my friends, and have my activities throughout the week, but I am doing just fine chilling in my room all day. So during this time, my heart really goes out to the ones who are running out of food and don't have enough money to get more. Or for the people who are living paycheck to paycheck, and are now out of money. I just want things to go back to the way they were, but I know that's not going to happen in the blink of an eye. So, we all have to stay strong and push through these hard times. - Samantha, high school student

At first, I wanted school to be closed. It was the middle of the school year and I just wanted to stay home and mindlessly watch TV and hang out with my friends without the constant stress of work. But now, after the second week of being self-isolated at home, I am so bored and I just want to see my friends. I would even be okay with seeing the people I don't like. - Chloe, middle school student

At the start of "distance learning," I loved it. I was home, I got my work done in 3-4 hours, it was great. 8 days in I wish I was in school right now. You don't get the same learning experience, and teachers can not always help you. The best part of learning at home, besides the environment, is getting to go outside and practice basketball in my backyard. Everything is shut down, the town even took the basketball rims off the courts at the park. I really miss being in school, I miss seeing all my friends, I miss seeing my teachers, I miss learning with my teachers right there helping me. I really want to go back to school! - Shannon, middle school student

I'm extremely upset about being school closed, mostly because I am in 8th grade and if this goes on too long, I may not be able to have all the memorable things that 8th graders do like our D.C. trip, our 8th grade party, and our clap out when we walk out of [school] for the last time; however, while many of my friends are bored out of their minds, I have been able to distract myself and keep myself busy with cleaning my room, running, and hanging out with my family. - Ryan, student school student

Ella, middle school student

If you discovered the cure for COVID-19, what would you call it?

Auxilium. It means "helping" in Latin. - Aly, high school student

I think I would call the word Speranza, which means “hope” in Italian. I put it in Italian because without all the help from the doctors and medical workers in Italy and other countries, this situation would become much worse. - Isabel, middle school student

Adioscoronavirus - Violet, middle school student

COVID-Remover - Brian, middle school student

I would probably give it a super long name like Bayedrotocyphilis pills, to make me seem super smart for creating it. - Thomas, middle school student

ANTI COVID - 19: THE THING THAT SOLVES THE PROBLEM - Nate, middle school student

I'm not really good at naming things with thought put into it. To be honest, I would probably just name it the first name that came to mind like Brian or Tony. - Ella, middle school student

CORONOMORE - Austin, elementary school student

Emma-Jean, middle school student

What advice do you have for people?

Just wash your hands and have normal human hygiene. - Gabe, middle school student

Honestly, just social distance, wash your hands multiple times a day and do not watch the news 24-7 because that, I think, is what causes everyone to be chaotic. - Luke, middle school student

Stay calm. The flu has been spreading for years and you have been fine. If we have made it this far we are definitely not gonna let some virus stop us! - Brennan, middle school student

Rethink your decisions. Be considerate. Stay safe. - Anna, middle school student

Not to get too much into it, but I feel like so many people are focused on the wrong things. Many would rather assign blame and have arguments over who is taking what precautions to solve the pandemic, rather than focus on solving the issue as a united front. Regardless of political party or race, everyone needs to stand together to support each other. - Samantha, high school student

Michael, high school student

And finally...

Please enjoy this wonderful video put together by the DeAssis family!

Consider securing your voice in history by participating in the Remembering COVID-19 project

We have forms for both adults and younger kids!

We will be updating our questions shortly to continue to reflect our thoughts and experiences in real-time. Check back often!

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