Steven Feldman describes Asbury Park as it was in the 1970s and 80s; up and coming, a bit rough around the edges and just a shadow of what it was to become. The M&K, Blue Note, Down the Street, Boots, Jimi's, Paradise, The Rainbow Room at the Albion Hotel...all are remembered by those who were there. As the DJ booth manager for the popular club The Odyssey for a decade, he discusses the Asbury night life of the era, as well as the effect that the onset of the AIDS crisis had on local businesses and residents. Learn about what contributed to the revitalization of this now bustling and diverse shore community.

Ray Palazzo, Owner of The Odyssey

Steven (in red) and friends, c. 1980

Taxi a la Dietrich, Wayne Mills and Chantel Curtis at The Odyssey, 1982

Waether Girls 5.jpg

The Weather Girls performing "It's Raining Men"

Steven at The Odyssey's Miss Thing Pageant, 1983

Steven Feldman and Bobby Van Orden Odyss

Steven and Bobby Van Orden, Halloween 1982

odyssey torn down.jpg

Demolition of The Odyssey

odyssey turned the phoenix 2.jpg

Club Phoenix rises from The Odyssey