Both educators, the couple met at work in the early 1980s and became friends. Louise had been previously married to a man, and Peggy dated men, but never had much of an interest in a relationship until she met Louise. The relationship blossomed, despite Peggy having been warned not to spend too much time around Louise, since she wore "comfortable shoes..." Not included in this oral history, but imparted to us after the fact, Louise shares a story of bigotry after returning to their car at a gay bar in the 80s to find that several windshields in the parking lot were shot through, including their own. The experience was traumatic enough that the couple stayed the night at a friend's house rather than driving home. They became parishioners at Trinity Church in Asbury Park, owing their choice to their love of their dogs and Trinity's yearly Blessing of the Animals. They married in 2015 and continue to happily travel the country visiting national parks together.


Key West, 1985



Capitol Reef Nat'l Park, UT

P-town, Mass.


Trinity Church, Asbury Park