Graeme is a transgender man full of confidence, self-awareness and positive, gentle energy. He began the process of transitioning several years ago, and continues to move toward his goal. He is an occupational therapist, and serves as elected councilman on a community advisory panel at Robert Wood Johnson, educating professionals in the proper way to respect and treat their LGBTQ patients. He also advocates for LGBTQ aging adults in matters of healthcare, housing and social issues. Graeme's two words for the new year are civility and kindness - "because you don't know what people's struggles are..."

Graeme today

"Be authentic."



c. 1975


Mom and Dad's 50th Anniversary Party

Moise Davis was a proud marine who served during WWII, and Annie Davis stayed at home, caring for their five children. The most important thing to Graeme was that they knew his true self, and they lovingly accepted him for who he was, as long as he was happy.