David Hoffman is to the Asbury bar scene what Madame Marie was to the boardwalk - a unique and beloved character with a personality all his own. Arriving in Asbury Park in the early nineties, David worked his way up from bar back to bartender to community activist. Though unaware of it at the time, he was there to see Asbury at the rebirth of the LGBTQ community presence. David not only helped change the face of the the Asbury bar scene, but volunteered his time to support LGBTQ kids through Project R.E.A.L., assisted in a grassroots effort to register thousands of voters, and contributed to the movement Road Trip, which encouraged members of the LGBTQ community on the east and west coasts to consider Asbury as a place for their permanent home, vacation home, or business. David Hoffman has two sons, four grandchildren, is happily married, and a familiar face behind the bar at Georgie's on 5th Avenue. Though attracting a mixed crowd, their reputation as the "Gay Cheers" is no doubt in part to the energy and warmth that David brings to the customers; regulars and new ones alike.

Baby David

Wedding Day

David and his sons

David with his son and