Amy Quinn is a dynamic and pragmatic personality. She's a lawyer by profession as well as the Deputy Mayor of Asbury Park. Public service was a true calling to her sense of the importance of advocating for positive change. She came out in high school in the early 90's to mixed reactions, and has real-world advice about coming out. Amy made Asbury Park history by marrying her wife, Heather, on the boardwalk at the moment it was legal to do so - 12:01 am on October 21st, 2013! She describes the process of having a child as a same-sex couple, and the challenges inherent in that process. Amy and her family live in Asbury Park, where she continues to advocate not only for LGBTQ equality, but also for education and the rights of women. As a result of the pandemic, she anticipates that public housing will be the next challenge Asbury will be facing.

Historic boardwalk wedding, 2013

Amy and Mandy